How to Learn Web Graphic Design

Most associate programs are two years and require a high school diploma or GED. Classes include color theory, typography, digital illustration, web page design, web animation, design fundamentals, production methods and multimedia design. Students who prefer to learn from home can find online associate degree programs.

Seek a bachelor’s degree in web design, usually a four-year program combining both general education classes, such as English composition and psychology, with web graphic design training. Programs  teach students web multimedia production, introduction to computer programming, web design, web graphics production, database and dynamic web design, website design and management, web multimedia production and computer ethics. A high school diploma is required.



How to Use CSS to Create a Website Layout




Once you have mastered HTML, the next step is to learn CSS. CSS, or cascading style sheet, is a scripting language that removes the burden of style and layout from HTML. When you use CSS, you can change your design without modifying the content. This is a distinct advantage over HTML-only designs, allowing for more flexible web development. In CSS 2, new layout options are included, allowing designers to move away from HTML design. CSS uses terminology that is similar to HTML and has standards in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).


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