The Future of Cloud Computing and Internet

Let’s say you have a company and a website for your organization. In few years, the number of users of your website increases. You are successful, but with success, problems can come. Your equipment can’t keep up with the demand and your service automatically slows down, which ultimately puts you into trouble. What could be the reason behind this? A few years ago, you would have put your website on computer and bought servers to set them up. Hundreds of companies do this, which costs them a lot of money and consumes a lot of time too. This is called as ‘hosting’. You pay for these servers when you are using them, and you pay for them when you are not using them! By buying these servers, you hope for success in your business, but instead, you lose your customers and end up without any profit in your business. Is there any solution for this? Yes, the answer is cloud computing. Connect your computer to a cloud server and see what happens. You just have to pay for what you use and manage the demand by varying your utilization of the cloud resources. Cloud computing lets customers, enterprises and businesses, to use the application services without any requirement for software and hardware installation.

via The Future of Cloud Computing and Internet.


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