Brand Development and Online Advertising

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There are many benefits to having a recognized brand. A strong brand is regarded as an important strategic asset that can enable a company to build stronger relationships with its customers and give it a measure of strategic control. Brand building is multi-dimensional. A strong brand is the result of a long-term, cumulative effort. Brand building also includes investments in areas such as customer service, product development, and enhancing the customer experience. Internet business need to determine what is important to their customers and recognize that different customers have different preferences. Companies learn what is important by listening to their customers.

Tools that can be use by enterprises in brand-building:


Personalize each email with the customer’s name and other relevant information when available. For example, if you have information on a customer’s recent purchase, put a reference in your email to the product or service purchased. This customization allows your email to connect with your client and makes your customer feel more appreciated. Use direct email marketing to improve customer relations. Send emails based on customer contacts to solicit responses and to ensure customer satisfaction. For example, send emails after a customer contacts your customer service department to ensure they received acceptable service and find out if they have further customer service needs. You can also use emails as an after-purchase follow-up to ensure delivery.  Use direct emails to upsell customers to new or complementary products.

Purchase-process streamlining tool

Create a domain name that’s easy to recall and resonates with your brand, product or service. Ensure that your web design and layout caters to the interests and preferences of your intended market audience. Give basic information and anticipate common inquiries with your FAQs; then update the page as needed. Customers want quick answers at their fingertips, so streamline the process and reduce the volume of routine calls. Make available and easy to access your online brochures, product manuals, after-sales customer service and technical support.Capture business prospects and keep customers loyal through member sign-ups, e-newsletter subscriptions, e-mail campaigns, special promotions, discount coupons, online contests and seasonal sales.

Self-service tool

Skilled marketers use information and inyteractivity to encourage without additional customer human support but offer access to support when it is needed.
Self-service provides a great opportunity to further build the brand. For example, a sophisticated guided-help knowledge base systems.


The process of producing a product, service, or communication to the exact specification of the purchaser.Customization is considered to be targeting at the extreme, creating a unique marketing mix for the individual customer. When the customer is involved directly into the process, it results in a sense of ownership in his/her mind, reduces the transaction cost and ultimately, enhances the popularity of the brand. The customer is transformed into a collaborator in the whole branding and marketing process.


The Internet offers the potential for dynamic pricing for a wide range of products across the supply chain. Dynamicpricing can be formally defined as the buying and selling of goodsin markets where prices move quickly in response to supply and demandfluctuations. Unlike physical markets where change occurs
slowly because of information delays, change occurs very rapidlyon the Internet.


For a community to be actively adopted, customers must feel a need to connect with each other in the context of the brand’s consumption. A need to connect with other brand users can arise for a number of reasons such as sharing information . Create a strong brand story/myth:  brands in today’s world are not mere inanimate ‘things’ but thriving entities with identities and personalities that allow customers to express themselves through its consumption.To express one’s personality. Members of a  brand community feel a strong sense of expressing their unique personality by embracing a certain brand.


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